Taoyuan Airport MRT trains fitted with wireless chargers

Taipei–Passengers traveling on the MRT line between Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport now have access to a free wireless charging service for their mobile devices, the operator said Monday.

To use the chargers, passengers need only to connect their mobile devices to a receiver on the trains, Taoyuan Metro Corp. said Tuesday.

For mobile devices that have built-in receivers, there is no need to connect to any external receivers, it added.

Taoyuan Metro said it has produced a video to show passengers how to connect to the free wireless charging system on the trains.

Taoyuan Metro, which formally began operations in March, is the first MRT system in Taiwan to offer a wireless charging service.

It also offers free Wi-Fi and in-town check-in for passengers departing by air from the Taoyuan airport.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council