Taoyuan airport trespasser of unknown origin detained

Taipei-A court in Taoyuan has approved a request by prosecutors to detain a foreign national arrested Saturday after being caught trying to climb on a China Airlines (CAL) plane preparing to take off from Taoyuan International Airport.

The Taoyuan District Court said Sunday it approved the request as the suspect is likely to flee the country because he has no residence in Taiwan.

The Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office filed a motion to detain the suspect earlier Sunday after deeming him “uncooperative.”

His intrusion into the airport’s restricted area has allegedly violated the Aviation Security Act, and he is suspected of violating the Immigration Act after immigration authorities found no record of his entry into the country, according to prosecutors.

The suspect has not said a word since his arrest at around 2 p.m. Saturday despite the efforts of immigration officers to communicate with him in different languages.

He did not have any form of identification on him when he was arrested, but police found a notebook written in Russian and a bible in the two backpacks he had with him when arrested.

Yet when approached by a Russian interpreter, the suspect continued to remain silent.

The dramatic incident was first noticed by a pilot of an Asiana Airlines flight waiting behind CAL flight CI028 to Palau as the latter was taxiing toward the runway for takeoff, according to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Co. (TIAC).

The man was spotted darting out from bushes on airport grounds and then trying to climb on the landing gear of the Boeing 737-800 jet at 1:55 p.m. Saturday, but he was later overpowered by airport security.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel