Taoyuan and Narita cities becoming friendly cities

Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Yu Chien-Hua led Taoyuan City Government delegates on a 4-day Airport City & Cultural Sky Bridge exchange tour to visit Chiba Prefecture and Narita City in Japan from September 15th to 18th, 2016. While attending the Taoyuan-Narita Friendly City Agreement Ceremony and Narita International Airport - Taoyuan International Airport Sister Agreement Ceremony held at Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport hotel in the afternoon of September 16th 2016, Deputy Mayor Yu expressed his wish that the friendly city agreement will allow both cities and airports to learn from each other, advance as one, and build closer connections between the two cities to create a better future.

Deputy Mayor Yu mentioned that Mayor Cheng led Taoyuan City Government delegates to visit Narita in September 2015. The 2015 delegates visited the Narita City Office and Narita International Airport. It was found that Taoyuan and Narita share many similarities at the regional level. First of all, both cities are located close to important international airports, making them the Gateway Capital of their respective nations. Secondly, it takes about 35 minutes to get from Narita International Airport bus station to Tokyo. On the other hand, the journey from Taoyuan International Airport to Taiwan's capital of Taipei also happened to be about 35 minutes if one takes the Airport Access MRT.

Deputy Mayor Yu expressed that Mayor Cheng also invited Narita City Mayor Koizumi to Taoyuan to the largest tourism event in Taiwan, the 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival held in February 2016. Narita brought along the century-old Nakanocho Dashi (parade float) and took part in the Taiwan Lantern Festival parade, giving a breathtaking impression to the Festival visitors. This was also the first visit of the Dashi to another country outside Japan. In August 2016, Taoyuan also signed a friendly exchange agreement with Chiba Prefecture, formally initiated exchanges in education and culture. It is hoped that the friendly exchange agreement between Taoyuan and Narita will help both cities and airports learn from each other and build closer ties, then create a better future.

Narita City Mayor Kazunari Koizumi expressed that Narita city, like Taoyuan city, operates an international airport. Urban administration and development of Narita City was centered on its airport. Efforts have been made to establish Narita as an international medical university city and airport city at the same time. Medical departments and institutions were established to train world-class professionals in the medical sciences, while a third runway was been added to the international airport in order to accommodate potential increased transportation requirements for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Mayor Koizumi also expressed that his concern on the effects of Taiwan which caused by the two consecutive typhoons (Meranti and Malakas) and hoped for safety and peace in Taiwan.

Mayor Koizumi then said that a friendly channel of exchange has been established as Narita and Taoyuan became friendly cities as well as Narita International Airport and Taoyuan International Airport became sister airports. He is sincerely hoped that both parties will be able to achieve more intimate ties in the aspects of tourism, education, culture, sports, and economics to bind the two cities tighter and tighter together to achieve mutual developments and advancements.

President & CEO Makoto Natsume of Narita International Airport Corporation expressed his joy for Taoyuan International Airport and Narita International Airport have become sister cities. Taiwan and Japan have always enjoyed active exchanges. In 2015, Japan received about 3.68 million visitors from Taiwan, coming in third after South Korea and China. There are about 140 flights per week have been arranged between Taoyuan International Airport and Narita International Airport which shows the high demands and immense value placed upon this route.

President Natsume expressed that comfortable services for travelers, such as expansion of airport facilities, and improvement to airport functions have become relatively important in order to expand development opportunities for the aerospace industry. Taoyuan International Airport has received great reviews from the Airports Council International (ACI) that evaluated major airports and alliances from 170 countries and territories around the world. Since becoming sister airports with Narita, we can now start sharing information and work together with each other to get better goals.

President Shiau Deng-ke of the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation expressed that Taoyuan International Airport is the most important airport in Taiwan. Over 38 million travelers arrive and depart from the airport every year. A figure that has continued growing at an average rate of 7.5% per year. With freight volume also reached 202 tons in 2015. Growth of airfreight volume Taoyuan International Airport one of the most important airports in East Asia. Since its corporatization in 2011, the Taoyuan International Airport has always regarded Narita International Airport as an important goal to follow. The management has continued seeking opportunities for international partnerships and promote exchange between Southeast Asian airports.

President Shiau pointed out that the Innovative Narita 2015 program of Narita International Airport is something that Taoyuan International Airport can learn. Taoyuan International Airport is also committed to continuing innovations and made plans to renovate two runways by 2015 to provide the public with revamped services. Detailed designs of Terminal 3 is currently scheduled to complete by 2020. These new upgraded facilities will help satisfy the business, traveling, and transportation requirements of air travelers. The sister airport agreement between Taoyuan International Airport and Narita International Airport will help strengthen the ties between the airports, promote information exchanges and professional interactions, then generate benefits for both parties.

Narita City Mayor Kazunari Koizumi and Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Yu Chien-Hua signed the Taoyuan-Narita Friendly City Agreement while President & CEO of Narita International Airport Corporation, Makoto Natsume, and President & CEO of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Shiau Deng-ke, signed a sister airport agreement on September 16th 2016. The signing of these agreements was witnessed by Deputy Representative Kuo Chung-Shi who is the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Narita City Council Chairperson, Takeo Ito, and Narita City Council Deputy Chairperson, Akira Koyama, and Chairman of China Airlines, Ho Nuan-Hsuan.

Other attendants from the Narita City Office include Deputy Mayors Kenji Sekine and Syoji Yoshida, educational chief Yoshio Sekikawa of the educational committee, director Kinji Nemoto of planning and policy, director Yoichi Miyata of general affairs, director Hiromitsu Nomura of finances, director Yuichi Fujisaki of airport, director Takao Ooki of public lifestyles, director Masumi Ishii of the environment, director Toshihiro Takahashi of welfare, director Kazuko Igarashi of health, director Yuji Fujisaki of economic affairs, director Yukinobu Fuse of civil engineering, director Seiji Saito of urban affairs, director Hiroshi Uzawa of sewage, chief of general educational affairs Kazunobu Ito of the educational committee, chief of professional training Masakazu Akiyama of the educational committee, and chief Masaki Yamashita of the fire department. Attendants from the Taoyuan City Government include Director-general Tang Hui-Chen of the Department of Civil Affairs, Director-general Kao An-Pang of the Department of Education, Director-general Wang An-Pang of the Department of Labor, Director-general Chu Sung-Wei of the Department of Economic Development, Director-general Chuang Hsiu-Mei of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Director-general Hsia Chin-Hsing of the Department of Sports, Director-general Yang Sheng-Ping of the Department of Tourism, Director-General Chang Tun-Han of Department of Public Information, Director-General Chang Chih-Yuan of the Department of General Affairs, Chairman Chang Chang-Tsai of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd., and Dayuan District Chief Lu Shui-Tien.

Source: Taoyuan City