Taoyuan official removed for alleged influence peddling

The Taoyuan city government removed its deputy chief of economic development from his post Friday over alleged involvement in influence peddling.

Wang Yun-chen (???) was demoted to the post of executive officer with immediate effect, according to a statement released by the city government.

Another key person in the case, Cheng Yi-hsiung (???), was dismissed as an adviser to the city government, an honorary unpaid post, the city government said.

The decisions came one day after prosecutors raided offices of the city's Department of Economic Development and Department of Labor, and summoned nine officials for questioning, who included Wang, Cheng and deputy chief of labor Li Hsien-hsiang (???), as part of an investigation into several cases of alleged influence peddling.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors filed a motion with the Taoyuan District Court to detain Wang and Cheng.

In one case, Cheng allegedly approached Department of Economic Development officials on behalf of the owner of an unlicensed factory who was hoping to obtain a temporary license to delay his factory's demolition, the prosecutors said.

In another case, Cheng allegedly approached the Department of Labor on behalf of a kindergarten that was hoping to avoid a fine after it was caught hiring foreign workers illegally, according to the prosecutors.

Cheng's efforts, however, were unsuccessful in both cases.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel