Temperature to drop to 11 degrees in northern Taiwan: CWB

Taipei, The current cold air mass that has been affecting Taiwan since Friday will begin to weaken on Tuesday, but another stronger cold air system will arrive on Friday, causing temperatures to drop to as low as 11 degrees in northern Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Sunday.

Flat areas of Taipei, Tamsui in New Taipei and Yilan in northeastern Taiwan recorded low temperatures of 13.3 degrees Celsius in the early morning Sunday, according to the bureau.

Under the effect of the ongoing cold air mass, the mercury around Taiwan will remain low Sunday and Monday, with northern and eastern parts of the island to see occasional rain, it said.

In the northern and northeastern parts of the country, daytime highs on Sunday were forecast to reach 16-17 degrees, with 18-20 degrees expected in the eastern counties of Hualien and Taitung and 20-23 degrees in central and southern Taiwan, according to the bureau.

The temperatures will remain low in the early morning Tuesday before the cold air mass weakens later that day.

However, another cold front forecast for Thursday is expected to drop the mercury down to 11 degrees for northern Taiwan, 12 degrees for central Taiwan, 13 degrees for the northeast, and 14 degrees for the south and the east from Jan. 20-21, according to the bureau.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (???) said that the current cold spell will affect Taiwan until Tuesday.

The weather will turn dry Monday and daytime temperatures will start to rebound to between 13-18 degrees around Taiwan, with areas of the north and the east likely to see occasional rain, while mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan could see sporadic drizzles, Wu added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel