Temperatures to drop Feb. 9 with arrival of cold air mass

Taipei-- Temperatures around Taiwan are expected to fall sharply beginning Feb. 9 due to the arrival of a strong cold air mass from China and a frontal system, with lows in northern Taiwan expected to dip to 11 degrees Celsius, the Central Weather Bureau said Saturday.

Northern and eastern Taiwan can expect cold and wet weather, with brief showers in some areas, on Feb. 9, while cloudy to sunny skies can be expected in other parts of Taiwan that day, the bureau said.

On Feb. 10, temperatures in northern Taiwan could drop to as low as 11 degrees, with highs hovering between 14 and 15 degrees, it said.

Lows in central and southern Taiwan on Feb. 10 could fall to 12 and 13 degrees, respectively, but highs in both areas are forecast to remain above 20 degrees due to clear and sunny skies, according to the bureau.

Meanwhile, daytime highs around Taiwan on Saturday are expected to hover between 23 and 26 degrees, with the weather turning cooler at night, the bureau said.

It added that central and southern Taiwan could see a difference of 10 degrees in daytime and nighttime temperatures and cautioned people in those areas to bring warm clothes with them when they go out at night.

Eastern and southern Taiwan, mountainous areas in the north, and the offshore Matsu Islands could see showers that day.

From Feb. 5-7, areas around the country, especially in the north and northeast, could see cooler weather as seasonal northeasterly winds strengthen, the bureau said.

Temperatures are forecast to return to relatively warmer levels on Feb. 8 as the northeasterly winds weaken, before dropping again the next day.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel