Thai people from Lao Kai were tricked into going to work

Chiang Rai, Pha Mueang troops held a meeting to prepare for receiving 41 Thais who escaped from Louk Kai. They are a group of people who were tricked into going to work answering chats, deceiving Thai people, not related to the situation in Burma. If you don't do it, you will be harmed. Or find money to redeem yourself But after paying, he still hasn't returned.

Maj. Gen. Praphat Phopsuwan, commander of the Pha Mueang Army. along with the cadre Pha Muang Army Meeting to discuss preparing to help welcome back 41 Thai people, including 23 men and 18 women, who are Thai people who fled from the conflict situation in Myanmar. in the northern area of Shan State Around Lao Kai City and Nandeng City As a result, Thai people traveling to work in the affected areas and insecurity There are approximately 287 Thai people in that area, divided into 246 people in the Lao Kai area and 41 people in the Nandeng area.

Ministry of Defense through the Royal Thai Army and Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the Emmanuel Foundation Co-ordinate with the Myanmar military through the local border committee cooperation mechanism. by extending the principles of humanitarian assistance Including good relations with the Myanmar military and the Thai Ambassador in Yangon in coordinating assistance to Thai people. to return to Thailand safely as soon as possible Initially, 41 Thai people are being brought from Chiang Tung to Tachileik. and will return through the second Mae Sai border checkpoint and prepare a screening area. and inspecting people at Phaya Mengrai Camp

Reporters reported that a group of 41 Thai people were Thai people who were deceived into working at the Amin page, scammers, romancers in the Lao Kai area. and when there is unrest So he used this opportunity to escape to Nandeng. and contact for assistance from agencies and foundations

Mr. Jaruwat Chinmankha, Vice President of the Emmanuel Foundation (IMF), gave an interview after receiving coordination from the parents of Thai people who were deceived into working. Myanmar said that they use invitations to invite people to work. Pretending to receive high compensation The nature of the work involves responding to chats, so you'll be fooled. After deciding to go to work, I sent a plane ticket. Ready to pay the cost of making passports for some people. Then travel from Don Mueang. Go down to Mandalay. Then a broker came to take him to Lao Kai.

“But when we arrived, we found that it was not working as agreed. Someone will send you a script to memorize. to defraud Thai people There is a teaching process. In there, anyone who doesn't do it will be detained and physically harmed, deprived of food, and the worst is death. For people who cannot work, there will be conditions if they want to return home. You have to pay a ransom of 250,000 baht each or find 4 people to replace yourself, which most people can't do. As for those who paid the ransom, they did not return. As for the 41 Thais who will return today, they are either victims or suspects. Multidisciplinary professionals must be brought in to investigate. But the overall picture is human trafficking. There was physical harm. which is illegal,” Mr. Jaruwat said when asked if there were other Thai people in other areas who were tricked into doing work like this.

Mr. Jaruwat said that Mee was a city whose names had been previously announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All 41 people had fled from Lao Kai. Came to meet with the Wa forces at Nandeng. So I asked for help. Currently, there are still more than 200 Thai people in need of assistance.

Source: Thai News Agency