The cash award of donated invoices collected in the Invoice Cup in Chiayi in 2016 amounts to NT$435,000

The Invoice Cup road run in Chiayi in 2016 held in the square in front of the Chiayi County Government by the National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area (NTBSA) and First Financial Holding Co. Ltd drew many enthusiastic participants from all walks of life. In addition, they showed their support by donating invoices. The total number of invoices collected from the attendees was 459,111. All the invoices were sent to five social welfare organizations in Chiayi County: Chiayi County Spinal Cord Injuries Association, Corporate Judicial Chiayi County Psyche Health Sustain Partner Comity, Chiayi County Zhu-Ju-Er Educational Foundation with its Zhu-Ju-Er Intelligence Development Center, Chiayi County Welfare Association for the Advancement of Multiple Impairments of Hearing, and the Charity Union Association of Chiayi County. After these organizations checked their uniform-invoice prize winning numbers, the cash award of donated invoices totaled NT$435,000. The five recipients expressed their gratitude to the NTBSA and First Financial Holding Co. Ltd; furthermore, they expressed their appreciation to all the loving donators.

The Bureau stated that the main purposes of the Invoice Cup are to advocate obtaining e-invoices with the carriers, encourage people to exercise more, and call for donating invoices to underprivileged minorities. This activity combined fiscal, healthful, and charitable significance, and it needs people to keep supporting the uniform-invoice promotion activities to pass on their love and to help more social welfare organizations in need.

Source: Ministry of Finance