The Mayor Thanks the Chiefs and Head of Zongzeng District for Their Selfless Contributions

The 2016 Zhongzeng District's Chief and Head Recognition Ceremony was held on the 20th in the Beidoo Hotel. Mayor Lin Yu-Chang, Speaker Sung Wei-Li and the councilmen of Zhonzeng district were there to congratulate and thank the chiefs and heads. There were 78 chief/head who served their community for more than 10 years. The mayor expressed his thanks and respect for their selfless contribution to the community.

Over 50 years of services:

Zhou Qin\t\tZhengyi Village

Over 45 years of services:

He Jin-Hua\tXinyi Village

Gao Zhen-Jie\tXinyi Village

Jian Xi-Ming\tZhongbin Village

Over 40 years of services:

Lai Chun-Zi\tZhongbin Village

There were 2 people with over 35 years of services, 13 people over 35 years, 2 over 25, 11 over 20, 11 over 15, and 34 over 10. A total of 78 senior chief/head with over 10 years were present for the recognition ceremony.

The mayor pointed out that the chiefs/heads are an important channel of communication between the government and the public. Since borough heads is a position without pay, it is rare for someone to serve over 3 years let alone 50 years.

Once again on behalf of Keelung's citizen the Mayor offer them the most sincere thanks for their services and dedication to the community.

Source: Keelung City Government