The processing office approved 2 enterprises to invest in ChinaSoft Park with an investment of 60 million yuan

The Ministry of Economic Affairs Processing Export Zone Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Processing Office) held an investment review meeting in this (24th) day, and approved two investment cases including Xuhe Pharmaceutical Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Mihao Fashion International Co., Ltd. The currency is 60 million yuan, which can provide about 30 domestic employment opportunities.

Xuhe Pharmaceutical Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical wholesaler. In recent years, due to the rise of e-commerce, the company took three years of recruitment, research and development, investment and set up a new department. The newly developed "Smart Customer Service Assistant System" belongs to the software-as-a-service SaaS ( Software as a Service) is a software delivery mode that replaces the management software and related data through the cloud centralized software. The software only needs to be set through the Internet, and the user can access the software through the web browser. After the company enters the Taichung Software Park, the first wave will focus on the e-commerce industry. Its development system will not only be applied to the customer service department, but will be expanded to other industries to increase the marketing pipeline, brand value, data analysis and other tool platforms.

Mijia Fashion International Co., Ltd., which will be stationed in the Taichung Software Park, is a company engaged in the marketing of fashion apparel. The company actively introduces ERP and OMS system management internal invoicing, establishes FB fan group, and allows customers to join through Line map. Official Line friends, develop their own apps, etc., to attract potential customers to the company's official website to browse, and provide diversified payment methods such as home delivery, convenience store pick-up, cash on delivery, online credit card, pick-up payment, etc. The physical storefront, developed towards e-commerce 5.0, to enhance the diversified product selection and customer service quality.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C