The ROC, Marshall Islands sign fisheries cooperation agreement

Tsao Chi-hung, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of China, and Alfred Alfred, Jr., Minister of Resources and Development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, signed the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands on Fisheries Cooperation on August 29 at the ROC Council of Agriculture (COA).

The conclusion of the agreement, which came after intensive consultations, will facilitate cooperation in such fields as maritime fisheries investment; the harvest, transport, and marketing of fish products; protection of the fisheries industry; and deterrence of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activities. The pact is expected to help increase substantive exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and its Pacific allies, and further implement related international fishing regulations.

The ROC has signed fisheries cooperation accords with Solomon Islands, Nauru, Tuvalu, and the Marshall Islands. MOFA and the COA will continue to work together to further promote international fisheries cooperation. (E)

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)