The Water Conservancy Administration held a press conference against the Yufeng industry in the north of the ring. The water purification system improvement plan for the mountain water purification plant is not related to the stability of water use in Taiwan.

At 10 o'clock on the morning of the 22nd, the Legislative Councillor Liu Jianguo and the Taiwan Water Conservation Alliance and other environmental groups held a press conference to revoke the Yufengyu Industrial Special Project, opposing the prospective plan for the mountain water purification project. The main purpose was to understand Zeng Wenxi. Tap water source water quality protection zone. The Water Resources Department said that the improvement plan for the water purification system on the mountain water purification site is a key measure to improve the stability of public water use in Tainan. It has nothing to do with the resolution of the water quality and water conservation zone. At this stage, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has no relevant de-planning plan.

Today's press conference was convened by the delegation of Chen Huanhua, who was opposed to the prospective plan for the water purification project on the mountain. The Water Resources Department stated that stable water supply is an important policy of the government. Due to rapid economic development and sustained population growth, the demand for water in the future will increase. Actively promote the water supply stabilization work of various intensified water purification treatment capacity and water resources dispatching capacity. Among them, the improvement project of the mountain water purification plant water supply system can increase the capacity of the water purification plant and improve the water resources dispatching capacity to reach the maximum daily. 100,000 tons, so that the Tainan area has 10% water supply backup capacity, the water supply in the backstage will be more stable in the future! The

Water Resources Department pointed out that the Ministry of Economic Affairs has always attached importance to water conservation, and has prepared more than 10 billion reservoir water quality in the forward plan. Protect funds and strengthen water conservation and water quality protection in watersheds. The Water Resources Department has clearly stated that this case has nothing to do with the de-protection of the protected area, and there is no de-planning plan in the near future. The outside world is concerned about the issue of water conservation areas, and the Water Resources Department will continue to communicate in the future.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C