Trade talks with Japan open in Taipei

Taiwan and Japan began a new round of trade talks on Tuesday in Taipei. Foreign ministry official Chiou I-jen said the two sides have held talks for 40 years that have resulted in 45 agreements. Chiou said he hopes the two sides can discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Economic Partnership Agreement.

"Of course there are many problems that Taiwan and Japan need to resolve. But I think this meeting has a longstanding foundation. With the strong friendship between the two countries, I'm sure each problem can be overcome," said Chiou.

The head of Japan's Interchange Association, Ohashi Mitsuo, said he hopes certain Japanese food products will not continue to be banned in Taiwan. Taiwan currently bans food products from five prefectures affected by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in 2011. Mitsuo said Japan has felt the positive sincerity of Taiwan's government. But he said there exist some voices in Taiwan that have hurt the Japanese people.

"We've heard some statements from Taiwan that are not based on evidence. This hurts the Japanese public, including people from Fukushima. The nuclear incident affecting their exports is a big problem and we hope that the Taiwan can lift its limits on food imports from Japan," said Ohashi.

Source: Radio Taiwan International