TransAsia: Premier hints at aviation administration problems

Premier Lin Chuan said Thursday that the government should have more of a handle on the domestic aviation industry. This follows the sudden announcement by TransAsia Airways earlier this week that the airline would be stopping flights and dissolving.

The premier pointed to the unexpected nature of the announcement and said this might indicate some operational problems within the government's handling of the aviation sector. He has asked the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to look into the matter.

Cabinet spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung relayed the premier's words.

"The aviation sector affects transportation in the nation. If the government is unable to have the sector completely in hand, this could point to operational issues. We should look into why the governing bodies were not able to get a grip on this situation earlier," Hsu said. "Was this a problem with our early warning feedback or operational mechanisms? Especially with regards to the Civil Aviation Administration, was this a flaw in the system or a management issue? We hope that the transportation ministry can look into this."

Source: Radio Taiwan International