Trespassing Chinese fishermen shot by Taiwan coast guard

Taipei--Two Chinese fishermen aboard a trespassing boat were shot and injured by rubber bullets while trying to resist inspection by Taiwanese coast guard officers near Penghu archipelago early Saturday, the Coast Guard said.

The boat from Guangdong province's Nan'ao county was detected 23 nautical miles west of Penghu's western-most Huayu islet at around 5:20 a.m. Saturday and refused to stop for inspection despite several warning broadcasts, according to the Coast Guard.

Some crew members even sat on the edges of the boat in an attempt to block the coast guard officers from approaching and boarding their vessel, it said.

The officers then decided to use rubber bullets to force the boat to stop, and two of the crew members were shot in the legs in the confrontation, the Coast Guard said.

The Taiwanese officers eventually managed to take control of the trespassing boat at around 5:41 a.m., after which the crew members were brought to Penghu for questioning while the two injured were sent to a hospital for treatment.

Bloodshed is rare although the Taiwanese authorities have stepped up their patrol amid an increase in the number of intrusions by Chinese fishing boats into waters near the Penghu islands.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel