Tropical storm might make landfall in Taiwan

Chances are high that tropical storm Meranti, the 14th storm to form in the Pacific in this year's typhoon season, will hit Taiwan in the coming days, the Central Weather Bureau said on Sunday.

The tropical storm, currently some 1,700 kilometers away from Taiwan's southernmost point of Erluanpi (???), is moving at 22 km per hour in a west-northwesterly direction, according to the bureau.

Due to the peripheral effects of the tropical storm, Meranti is expected to bring rain to Taiwan from Tuesday to Thursday, it forecast.

The bureau said, however, that it will take more time and observation to see whether or not the tropical storm will make landfall in Taiwan.

As many variables still remain uncertain and may affect the storm's path, course and strength, Tuesday will be a critical time to determine its sequential development, it explained.

Meanwhile, the weather across Taiwan will become more stable on Sunday as a stationary front, which has affected Taiwan over the past week, is moving away toward north of the country.

Most parts of Taiwan will see sunny or cloudy skies Sunday morning, except for mountainous areas in northern Taiwan and in eastern Yilan and Hualien counties, where brief showers will occur, according to the bureau.

In the afternoon, it will rain in most mountainous areas across Taiwan and in the areas north of Taichung due to a developing convective system.

Daytime highs around the country will be 31-33 Celsius, while the mercury will likely fall to 25-26 degrees Sunday night and Monday morning, according to the bureau.

The PSI (pollutant standard index) ranges between good to moderate for the whole day, while the PM2.5 index will be low, bureau statistics showed.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel