Tsai ensures stable supply of electricity this summer

President Tsai Ing-wen says the government can ensure a steady supply of electricity this summer now that two generators at Linkou Power Plant are capable of generating power at maximum capacity.

Tsai made the assurance on Monday during an inspection tour of the coal-fired power plant in New Taipei City.

Tsai said that until green energy can meet Taiwan's electricity needs, the expansion and renovation of coal-fired power plants must be carried out on schedule or even earlier.

Tsai said that electricity generated by natural gas will account for 50% of the total by 2025, fossil fuel 30%, and green energy 20%. She said that although fossil fuels create air pollution, the problem can be solved with the help of technology.

Tsai said the Linkou Power Plant is a model for managing air pollution. Through [our] investment in environmental protection facilities, and the enclosed way of transporting and storing coal," she said, "the [levels] of pollutants emitted by the plant, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and PM 2.5, are within the environmental standards and are even close to the levels for pollutants generated by natural gas.

Source: Radio Taiwan International