Tsai: Government will develop Hakka highway next year

President Tsai Ing-wen said Sunday that her administration will fulfill a promise next year to develop a section of provincial highway known for Hakka culture. Tsai's comments came Sunday as Taipei City held its annual Hakka Yimin Festival.

Under the plan, the government will promote Provincial Highway 3 as the Romantic Hakka Avenue. The goal is to boost the economy and promote the ecology and cultures of 16 Hakka towns along this mountainous route between Taipei in the north, and Pingtung in the south.

About a quarter of the people in Taiwan consider themselves Hakka. Although they are ethnically Han Chinese, the Hakka people identify themselves by their shared language, history and culture. Although many young people today cannot speak the Hakka language, they are still considered to be part of the sub-group.

Tsai said that the plan is a very important mission for her as Taiwan's president, and as someone with Hakka ancestry. She said it's important not just in terms of passing down Hakka culture to the next generation, but also for promoting Taiwan's multi-cultural development. The president said that government agencies will work with local governments to promote Hakka culture.

Source: Radio Taiwan International