Tsai: Green energy a key industry for Taiwan

President Tsai Ing-wen says the development of green energy and green technology is key to Taiwan's energy policy. She was speaking Wednesday at a meeting of her Democratic Progressive Party's Central Standing Committee.

According to party spokesperson Ruan Jhao-syong, Tsai believes Taiwan has good conditions for the development of the green energy tech industry.

"Taiwan has pretty good resources including our wind fields and the quality of our manufacturing. As long as we work hard, Taiwan has the potential to do well in this industry," Ruan said.

During Wednesday's meeting, Tsai said there is a big domestic need for green energy, and that it is also a potential export.

The Tsai administration has made it a goal to meet 20% of local energy needs with green energy by 2025. Tsai also said during the meeting that she hopes government agencies will continue working to achieve this goal.

Source: Radio Taiwan International