Tsai hails start of indigenous submarine project

President Tsai Ing-wen has reiterated the importance of Taiwan building its own submarines. Tsai was speaking Tuesday at a ceremony to commence design work on indigenous submarines.

Tsai said the submarine project will be a milestone for Taiwan. She said that the country's undersea warfare capability is the area of defense that most needs reinforcement. She said the government will work towards meeting the challenges of building indigenous submarines.

Tsai said, "We will find solutions and pool our country's resources to meet the challenges of building our own submarines. I am fully behind each and every one of you, as it is my responsibility as commander in chief.

Tsai also mentioned other goals in the area of national defense. Tsai said, "Our goal is not just to build torpedo submarines but also to complete an indigenous fleet of submarines that will represent Taiwan's national security, industrial development and social solidarity. After starting construction of our own submarines, the government will work to strengthen our national defense policies.

Source: Radio Taiwan International