Tsai hopes to bring gov’t, hackers closer together

President Tsai Ing-wen says she hopes to bridge the government closer to Taiwan's digital community. She was speaking Thursday at HITCON Pacific 2016, a forum for hacking and cyber-security enthusiasts.

Tsai praised Audrey Tang, who joined the Cabinet as the country's first digital minister in October. Tang is a self-taught computer programmer and entrepreneur who started her first company at the age of 16. Tang has said she hopes to use her expertise in digital systems and technology to solve problems in the public sector and increase government cooperation with the digital community.

Tsai said Tang has introduced the government to a new way of doing things. She also said she hopes that the government and the hacking community can work together on issues of cyber-security.

Tsai said there is an idea that hackers and officialdom are at odds, with the government seeking control and hackers pushing for freedom of information. But Tsai said the government must learn from hackers' willingness to challenge the status quo. Tsai said Audrey Tang's appointment is just the beginning of cooperation between officials and hackers.

Source: Radio Taiwan International