Tsai looks forward maritime dialogue with Japan

President Tsai Ing-wen has said she looks forward to talks with Japan on maritime affairs. An interview with Tsai was published on Thursday in the Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbon.

The first meeting of the Taiwan-Japan maritime affairs dialogue mechanism was originally scheduled for July this year. It was postponed however after Japanese authorities detained a Taiwanese fishing boat near Japan's Okinotori atoll in April. Japan claims the atoll as an island and maintains that the Taiwanese boat was fishing in its economic zone. Taiwan's government maintained that the area around the atoll is international waters.

Tsai said both Taiwan and Japan have been working hard to kick off the maritime dialogue, hopefully in the near future. On the Okinotori dispute, Tsai said her main concern is to make sure Taiwanese fishers can fish freely in the appropriate waters. Tsai also said that she hopes the dialogue can deepen collaboration on a number of maritime affairs, including fishing cooperation, environmental protection, emergency relief efforts, and maritime scientific research.

Source: Radio Taiwan International