Tsai meets representatives of ROC veterans groups

October 31st is Veteran's Day in Taiwan. On Friday, President Tsai Ing-wen met representatives of ROC veterans groups based both locally and overseas.

President Tsai thanked the veterans for their service to the country, whether that had been in military action or in the infrastructure construction work that contributed to Taiwan's economic miracle. She said veterans had not only ensured the nation's security but also provided a great source of social stability.

Seeking to win over a demographic that tends to strongly support the opposition Kuomintang rather than Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party, Tsai spoke of a unity of all people who love Taiwan. She also promised that veterans' support of the government would be repaid.

"Every time the nation faces a difficult period, veterans are always a force that provides the most solid support to the government," said Tsai.

"Because of this I would especially like to emphasize that wherever we came from, we have all strived to take root in Taiwan. We are absolutely one family and the government will certainly take care of our veterans in an appropriate way, this absolutely will not change."

Source: Radio Taiwan International