Tsai: Policies have boosted investor confidence

President Tsai Ing-wen said a recent positive outlook for Taiwan's economy comes from her administration's policies that are building investor confidence. Tsai was speaking on Thursday while meeting a delegation from US semiconductor giant Micron Technology.

Tsai noted an article in last week's Economist that highlighted foreign investors' optimism toward Taiwan in the past year. The article mentioned the marked increase in direct investment in the electronics industry.

The president said the government is encouraging industries to be innovative and is relaxing regulations. It is also strengthening cooperation with ASEAN countries, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand by way of the New Southbound policy. Tsai also said her administration is about to promote an infrastructure plan for water and power supply projects in the semiconductor industry.

Tsai said Taiwan attaches great importance to overseas investment. She said the government will assist Micron in expanding its business in Taiwan. The president told Micron president Sanjay Mehrotra that she hopes the company will continue to invest in Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International