Tsai promises fewer obstacles for women in the workplace

President Tsai Ing-wen has marked International Women's Day by promising to help make the workplace friendlier for women.

Tsai was speaking during a visit to an exhibit at the Songshan Culture and Creative Park displaying innovative designs made by women.

Tsai said that Women's Day was originally meant to commemorate the strides made towards workplace equality and that early feminists understood the importance of women's financial independence.

She said that as long as the government clears the way for women to start their own businesses and work, women can break gender stereotypes and contribute to society. But in Taiwan, the number of women in the work force drops after the age of 30, as many decide to start families. Tsai said she wants to remove obstacles for women in their careers.

"The government will continue to use gender mainstreaming as it implements many of its policies. It will start with education and culture to break gender stereotypes and work to respect and bring out the potential in every individual. We want our society to promote talent on the basis of ability and not gender," said Tsai.

Tsai also highlighted the example of the legislature, which has a preschool. She encouraged businesses to help take care of employees' children and build family-friendly workplaces.

Source: Radio Taiwan International