Tsai promises to safeguard hard-won democracy

President Tsai Ing-wen says she will continue to safeguard Taiwan's hard-won democracy, freedom, fairness and justice. Tsai was speaking on Friday, which marks the country's first Freedom of Expression Day.

The government designated April 7th as Freedom of Expression Day in memory of Cheng Nan-jung, a democracy activist who set himself on fire on the day in 1989.

Tsai said that Taiwan has made progress and witnessed three peaceful transfers of political power since Cheng committed suicide 28 years ago. However, she said, new problems have emerged and must be tackled.

Tsai said the day reminds the public that democracy does not come easily.

On this national memorial day, we must remind each other of what it took to obtain freedom and democracy. [We] must use all our strength to seek and fight for democracy. While the outside environment will change, the most important thing is our will and determination," said Tsai.

Source: Radio Taiwan International