Tsai: Reforms are first steps towards sustainability

President Tsai Ing-wen says that the reform programs launched by her administration over the past year are key first steps towards sustainability.

Tsai was speaking Tuesday while meeting with leaders of the global volunteer organization Kiwanis International.

The president said that the 5+2 industrial innovation plan is transforming Taiwan's economic structure. Meanwhile, she said the government's Long-Term Care 2.0 policy is underway and setting up more service stations across the country. Tsai also spoke about other government policies, including anti-drug, public housing, and urban renewal plans.

"Taiwan has accumulated many years' worth of problems and is resolving them one by one. Whether it is pension reform, judicial reform, or the forward-looking infrastructure plan, everything that we do is a key first step as Taiwan moves toward sustainable development. We have to be firm," Tsai said.

Source: Radio Taiwan International