Tsai: Taiwan seeks meaningful ways to participate in int’l community

Tsai on Tuesday fielded questions from the Wall Street Journal about how her government will overcome pressure from China to participate in the international community.

Tsai's government has faced setbacks in its efforts to participate in global bodies ever since she took office in May. China has cut off communication with Taiwan and blocked Taiwan's participation in a number of global bodies like the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

China has long opposed Taiwan's involvement in international organizations, saying that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory. The previous administration in Taiwan had taken a more conciliatory approach to China and had seen progress in ties. But Tsai's government, which has been more wary of China, has faced roadblocks.

In Tuesday's interview with the Wall Street Journal, Tsai said Taiwan would seek meaningful ways to contribute to the global community.

We will use our strengths to bolster ties with other countries, and do our best to contribute to the international community and enable the world to see Taiwan and understand the importance of Taiwan's existence," said Tsai. "After all, Taiwan's economic status cannot be ignored.

When asked about the US presidential election, Tsai said she hoped whoever is elected can continue to support the Taiwan Relations Act and the so-called six assurances, which guide bilateral ties.

Tsai said she hopes the United States will continue to provide Taiwan with the weapons it needs to defend itself, in accordance with the law. She said Taiwan's ability to defend itself has been the foundation for regional peace and prosperity.

Source: Radio Taiwan International