Two arrested for drug trafficking

Taipei--A man and a woman were arrested Saturday at Taiwan's main international airport with 68 small balls of heroin wrapped in condoms that they swallowed before being arrested.

The two, a 51-year-old man surnamed Lin and a 50-year-old woman surnamed Tsao, were arrested at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on suspicion of drug smuggling by swallowing condoms or capsules containing narcotics as they returned to Taiwan from Phnom Penh, Kaohsiung police said Sunday.

The two suspects were then admitted to a hospital in Taoyuan City and with X-ray scanners, they were found to have a large amount of condoms containing narcotics inside their bodies, according to the police.

After medical treatment, a total of 68 heroin balls with a net weight of 1,000 grams were expelled from their bodies, including the biggest one at about 200 grams, police said.

The two said they were forced to break the law due to heavy debt.

Kaohsiung police said they received a tip-off in September last year that a drug ring has solicited people with financial problems to travel to Southeast Asia for smuggling drugs back to Taiwan by swallowing heroin balls wrapped in condoms or having them hidden in their anus.

After several months of monitoring, Kaohsiung police targeted Lin and Tsao and formed a special team, while reporting the case to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office for investigation.

The police said they recently discovered the 51-year-old man and the 50-year-old woman were planning to smuggle heroin back to Taiwan from Phnom Penh by the two methods.

They then headed to the Taoyuan airport and caught Lin and Tsao when they returned from Phnom Penh Saturday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel