Two men indicted over distribution of child pornography

Taipei, Two men have been indicted for distribution of child pornography, a violation of the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act, the New Taipei District Prosecutors Office said Sunday.

The men, identified only by their surnames Ho (?) and Wen (?), were arrested at their respective homes in February, where police found about 20 terabytes of pornographic videos stored on the computers and hard drives belonging to the suspects.

The arrests came in the wake of Operation Centurion Plus, a task force initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States to monitor large-volume child pornography activity online, including file-sharing activities.

Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) was subsequently contacted by FBI officials earlier this year after it was determined that No. 30 and No. 33 on a list of 100 suspects were based in Taiwan, and asked to investigate further.

Ho, aged 36 and a resident of Xinzhuang District, was later found to have distributed 588 pornographic pictures and videos online using peer-to-peer (P2P) software from Aug. 8, 2016 to Feb. 7, 2018, according to prosecutors.

Wen, who lives in Banciao District, distributed 1,385 photos and videos from Sept. 1, 2016 to Feb. 7, 2018.

Possession, distribution or broadcasting photographs or videos depicting a child or youth engaging in sexual intercourse or obscene acts is subject to a maximum prison term of three years and a fine of up to NT$5 million (US$161,415), according to prosecutors.

Under Article 39 of the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act, any first time offender discovered in possession of materials depicting a child or youth engaged in obscene acts is subject to a fine of NT$10,000-NT$100,000 and required to undergo counseling.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel