Typhoon could form east of the Philippines

Taipei, A tropical low pressure system over the sea east of the Philippines could develop into a typhoon in the next two days, Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast on Sunday.

According to CWB data, the low pressure system was moving at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour in a westerly direction.

The weather bureau said it will not rule out the possibility that the system could grow into a typhoon in the next two days. Whether or not the weather system would pose an impact on Taiwan is still unknown, the bureau added.

For the weather on Sunday, it was forecast to be hot and humid with highs to reach 34-35 degrees Celsius in western Taiwan and 32-33 degrees in the east.

The CWB has issued a high temperature advisory for Taoyuan, where the mercury would rise to as high as 36 degrees on Sunday.

In the coming week Taiwan could see relatively unstable weather as the low pressure system arrives. There could be sporadic rain or thunder showers in eastern and southern Taiwan, with afternoon showers in other areas, the CWB forecast.

There is also a possibility for the temperature in the northern area to rise to 36 degrees before Wednesday, due to descending strong easterly winds from mountains.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel