Typhoon Sarika to bring rain; Haima to pass by Wednesday

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau is monitoring a pair of typhoons, which could bring a lot more rain to Taiwan.

One of them, Sarika, has already made landfall on the island of Luzon in the Philippines and was set to enter the South China Sea on Sunday night.

Forecasters say that Sarika is likely to bring heavy rain to eastern and southern Taiwan starting on Sunday night, and lasting through Monday. The typhoon is heading toward Guangdong in southern China. Meteorologists say that northern Taiwan could also see scattered showers.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Haima was still more than 2,400 km away on Sunday night. Forecasters say that it could start having an effect on Taiwan on Wednesday night at the earliest. They said it could be daytime on Friday by the time the storm system leaves the area.

Meteorologists say that Haima may be upgraded to a moderate typhoon and that its radius is continuing to grow in size. They say that the storm is likely to have an impact first on Taitung and Pingtung in southeastern and southern Taiwan. But if the storm shifts direction or slows down, they say it could have a greater effect on more parts of Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International