U.S.-Taiwan relations will continue in positive direction: AIT

The development of Taiwan-U.S. relations will continue in a positive direction, said the director of the Taipei Office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Wednesday, as Donald Trump of the Republican Party appeared set to win the U.S. presidency.

Over the last few decades, "the U.S.-Taiwan relationship has been extremely resilient, regardless of whether it is a Republican administration or a Democratic administration," Kin Moy told reporters at a U.S. presidential election watch event held by the AIT in Taipei.

Noting that he has served in administrations under both parties, Moy said he has seen a consistency and that there is a great deal of support in the U.S. for Taiwan and for U.S.-Taiwan relations.

"I have a great deal of confidence that we will continue in a very positive direction," Moy said.

The event was being held as the results of the U.S. presidential election unfolded. Trump has been performing better than his poll numbers suggested, and is now being given a good chance of beating his Democratic Party rival Hillary Clinton and winning the election in several projection models.

Wednesday's event was co-organized by the Taipei-based Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. It was attended by AIT officials and several Taiwanese scholars.

The AIT represents U.S. interests in Taiwan in the absence of bilateral diplomatic ties.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel