U.S. voices support for Taiwan’s ICAO participation

The U.S. State Department on Thursday expressed support for Taiwan's meaningful participation in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a U.N. specialized agency, as Taiwan seeks to take part in the ICAO meeting for a second time in recent years.

The triennial ICAO assembly will be held Sept. 27-Oct. 7 at the ICAO's headquarters in Montreal, Canada, but Taiwan so far has not received an invitation to attend.

"The United States remains committed to supporting Taiwan's meaningful participation in ICAO," Grace Choi, a spokesperson at the State Department's East Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau said when asked to comment on the issue.

"In keeping with our one-China policy, we support Taiwan's membership in international organizations that do not require statehood," Choi said. "In organizations that require statehood for membership (such as the ICAO), the United States supports Taiwan's meaningful participation."

She said aviation safety, security and efficiency are matters of global importance, and all interested stakeholders can play a positive role in ensuring that standards and regulations are met around the world.

The United States remains committed to supporting Taiwan as it seeks to expand its already significant contributions to addressing global challenges, Choi said.

In September 2013, Taiwan was invited to attend the assembly of the ICAO, which has 191 members and is responsible for establishing worldwide aviation policies.

Participating under the often used designation Chinese Taipei, Taiwan was represented by Shen Chi (??), then-director-general of Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration at the ICAO's 38th assembly as a special guest of then-ICAO Council President Roberto Kobeh Gonzalez.

Taiwan last attended the ICAO assembly in 1971 under the name Republic of China, just months before it lost its seat in the United Nations to Beijing.

As cross-Taiwan Strait relations have cooled since President Tsai Ing-wen (???) took office May 20, there have been concerns that Taipei may not receive an invitation to the ICAO assembly this year due to opposition from Beijing.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel