Universiade to cancel ceremonies in the event of typhoon: Ko

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je says the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2017 Summer Universiade will be cancelled if the city is struck by a typhoon. He was speaking on Monday at the Taipei City Council.

Student athletes from around the world are set to converge on Taipei this summer for the 2017 Universiade, one of the world's largest sporting events. The games will kick off in Taipei on August 19th and run through August 30.

Mayor Ko said the city government has three contingency plans. He said that if the wind is not strong and rainfall is less than 40 mm per hour, then the events will take place as scheduled. However, in the event of strong winds and 100mm of accumulated rainfall within three hours, cultural events will be cancelled and ceremonies kept simple.

Ko said that the occurrence of a typhoon would prompt the city to cancel the opening and closing ceremonies to be held at the Taipei Stadium.

In the event of a typhoon, if the strength reaches the point where the city government must open its emergency contingency center and order the cancellation of school and work, then, of course, the opening and closing ceremonies will be cancelled," said Ko. "As to whether to hold the events on another day or how to handle it, we will make a joint decision with FISU, which is the International University Sports Federation.

This is the first time that Taipei will play host to the global event.

Source: Radio Taiwan International