US concerned about leaks in Taiwan espionage case: Ministry

The defense ministry said Thursday that any findings in an alleged military espionage case will be passed on to the United States. The US is concerned as to whether Major General Hsieh Chia-kang leaked information about US-made missile systems to China.

Defense ministry spokesperson Chen Chung-chi explained. Chen said, We will take control measures, including bringing the case to the judiciary. I believe that through proper communication we will also explain [to the US] the importance of crisis control. In the follow up though, we will continue to adopt security measures. I believe the US will understand the importance of these measures.

Hsieh, the officer involved in the case, is a former head of the Air Defense Missile Command. He had served with the command since 1987 and is thus highly familiar with the nation's missile systems and their deployment. Hsieh is alleged to have traveled several times to countries such as Thailand and Malaysia to meet with unidentified Chinese nationals.

Source: Radio Taiwan International