US exit from Paris Accord will not change Taiwan’s policies

Taiwan's environmental policies and efforts to reduce carbon emissions will remain unchanged after the United States quits the Paris Accord. That's according to senior officials from the Bureau of Energy and the Industrial Development Bureau on Friday.

The US president, Donald Trump, announced on Thursday local time that the United States would withdraw from the climate accord. It is the largest global agreement on fighting climate change and has been signed by 195 other nations. It was painstakingly negotiated over a period of years by Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump cited the need to protect America's economic interests as the basis of his decision. He said he was willing to renegotiate the agreement. However, within minutes of his remarks, the leaders of France, Germany and Italy issued a joint statement saying that the accord was irreversible and cannot be renegotiated.

Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang said Taiwan will continue to follow the effects the US decision may have on other countries, including Taiwan. Senior figures from the energy and environmental sectors said Taiwan has long respected the emission standards set by the Accord, and its effort to push for the implementation of green energy will remain unchanged.

Source: Radio Taiwan International