US opposed to any change in cross-strait status-quo

The United States says its stance on cross-strait relations remain unchanged. That’s according to the latest US evaluation of China’s military.

The US Department of Defense released the 2017 China Military Power Report on Tuesday. The report reaffirms the US’s hope that neither Beijing nor Taipei change the cross-strait status quo. The report also states that the US will continue to sell Taiwan defensive weapons based on the Taiwan Relations Act.

The report also highlights structural reforms and the rapid modernization efforts of the Chinese military. The report said China’s defense budget has grown by a steady 8.5% every year and is now 14 times more than Taiwan’s defense budget.

The report says the Chinese military is still not capable of launching an invasion of Taiwan despite its ability to engage in amphibious combat drills. But the report says that Beijing is fully capable of overtaking Taiwan’s outlying islands such as Kinmen and Matsu.

Source: Radio Taiwan International