US weapons sales to Taiwan: Defense Minister

Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan has told lawmakers that a batch of weapons on order from the US will meet quality standards.

The defense ministry recently signed a letter of offer and acceptance for an order of US weapons. The move has proven controversial because the defense ministry did not have budget approval from the Legislature. There have also been concerns that the US might sell Taiwan sub-par weapons because of a reduction in price on the order.

At the Legislature on Wednesday, Feng told lawmakers that the defense ministry will review its purchase process. However, Feng said that the ministry had taken the opportunity to save money by buying in bulk with other nations for a discount. He said the savings amount to around NT$1.2 billion (US$38 million).

Feng also dismissed rumors about the US selling low quality weapons to Taiwan. He said, The US military has had a long history of selling weapons to us, and they have never sold anything of low quality. They have always fulfilled our orders, without anything of subpar quality. I can guarantee that with my experience as a military attache in the US.

Source: Radio Taiwan International