‘Van Gogh Alive’ world tour to visit Taiwan next year

Taipei-An exhibition featuring artworks by 19th century Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh that employs high-definition image projection technology will be held in Taipei early next year, the show’s organizer said Thursday.

Dubbed “Van Gogh Alive,” it will be the first time this type of high-tech artistic expo has been held in Taiwan, according to JUSTLIVE, an entertainment subsidiary of Taiwan’s online streaming service KKBOX.

The multi-sensory art show features more than 3,000 Van Gogh images and paintings to create a thrilling display that fills giant screens, walls, columns, ceilings and even the floor.

Developed by the Australian-based firm Grande Exhibitions, the exhibition combines multichannel motion graphics and cinema quality surround sound, using up to 40 high-definition projectors that provide visitors with an immersive display experience.

The show, which is currently on a world tour, has been held in about 50 cities, including Abu Dhabi, Rome, Istanbul, Berlin, and Singapore.

The Taipei venue will be the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 department store in Taipei’s Xinyi District from Jan. 15 to April 5 and the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi store in Kaohsiung from April 18 to July 12.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel