Vice president attends award ceremony for outstanding business women

Vice President Chen Chien-jen said Sunday at an ward ceremony for the top 10 outstanding ethnic Chinese businesswomen around the world that he hoped these women could use their strengths in the economic and trade areas to help the government promote exchanges with other countries.

At the Hua Guan (also spelled as Hua Kuang) Award Ceremony for the World's Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Women Entrepreneurs organized by the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, Chen said that the winners of the award this year and in the past for their business accomplishments or contributions to society could serve as role models for Chinese business women around the world.

Chen also praised members of the federation for the economic power they display and the contributions they have made.

The federation headquartered in Taiwan was established in San Francisco in 1994 and now has 54 branches around the world.

The Hua Guan Award was launched in 2001 and a prize presentation ceremony was held every three years to the world's top 10 Chinese female entrepreneurs.

The award, the highest honor for the global Chinese business women, exerted profound and positive meaning and serves not only as a commendation for the role models in women's business society, but also as a media to promote social stability, facilitate the development of economy and trade, and give Taiwan higher visibility in the international society.

This year, winners of the award include Maryland-based H2O Clinical Chairwoman Eugenia Henry; Jennifer Lihhwa Li, the president of California-based Novotech Nutraceuticals and Fang Shu-yi, founder of coffee shop chain Dante.

Chen Huang Shou-ho, who runs a textile company that hires 1,000 workers in Thailand and an award recipient, said in a males-dominated business world, it takes a woman greater effort to earn credit and trust.

Machinery does not have a soul -- it takes human efforts to infuse a "soul" into products that win the hearts of the clients, she said.

On winning the Hua Guan Award, she said a business should not just seek profits; it should also shoulder its social responsibility by taking good care of its employees, protecting the environment and teaching its staff to do their share of social responsibility.

She said her company will pay more attention to local culture and join local people in their community programs.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council