Water shortage looming in Tainan

Taipei, Although cold weather fronts have brought some rain to Taiwan in recent days, a water shortage has been looming in southern Taiwan, in particular Tainan, as reservoirs there are drying up.

Chien Chen-yuan (???), deputy director-general of the Southern Region Water Resources Office, said Wednesday that local reservoirs have received almost no rain over the past few days amid the current dry season.

The Zengwen (??) Reservoir in Chiayi County, the largest reservoir in Taiwan which irrigates farmland in southern Taiwan, had only 42.01 million cubic meters of water as of 4 p.m., which is only 9.26 percent of its effective capacity, according to data provided by the office.

The Nanhau (??) Reservoir, the major water supplier for Tainan residents, had 34.14 million cubic meters of water, or 36.56 percent of its effective capacity.

Despite this dire situation, irrigation for the year's first rice harvest will continue under the current pattern, in which water is provided during an eight-day period, to be followed by an eight-day suspension, Chien said, expressing hope that water use will not be further restricted by the end of May, when the plum rain season is expected to arrive.

Since August last year, rainfall has been scarce around Taiwan, with agriculture-based southern regions suffering the most.

The authorities in Tainan have urged citizens to conserve water as much as possible in case of a drought.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel