Weather becoming warmer trough Friday as cold spell eases

Taipei-- Weather around Taiwan will gradually warm up under mostly sunny conditions this week as the cold spell that has gripped the island over the past few days weakens, the Central Weather Bureau said Monday, reminding people living in central and southern Taiwan to heed big temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime hours.

Daytime highs are expected to go higher than 20 degrees Celsius Monday except northern and northeastern Taiwan and the eastern county of Hualien, with southern and southeastern Taiwan seeing temperatures of up to 25 degrees, the bureau said.

The difference between daytime highs and lows in late night and early morning hours in central and southern Taiwan can be as big as 10 degrees over the next few days, it said.

Temperatures are expected to rise further Tuesday through Friday under clear and sunny conditions around Taiwan with big temperature fluctuations, especially along the western half of the island, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel