Weather in northern Taiwan to turn wet later Saturday

The weather for most parts of the country will be fair until later Saturday with the exception of eastern Taiwan, where showers are possible because of periphery clouds of Typhoon Tokage, the Central Weather Bureau said.

Northeastern seasonal winds will strengthen during the latter part of Saturday, turning the weather in northern Taiwan into wet and cool conditions, the bureau said. Lows in the northern regions could dip to 17 degrees on Sunday, it added.

The seasonal winds are not expected to lessen until Nov. 29, the bureau said.

For the first half of Saturday, however, fair and stable conditions can be seen around the country except for Hualien and Taitung Counties in eastern Taiwan, where there are chances of rain under cloudy contions.

Temperatures there are likely to hover around 23 degrees while those in Yilan County and the western part of the island could go up to 29 degrees during the day, the bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel