Wednesday highs to surge over 30 degrees in western Taiwan

Taipei-Temperatures in the western part of Taiwan could climb above 30 degrees Celsius on Wednesday before plummeting by as much as 10 degrees starting Thursday evening, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Highs in western Taiwan and Taitung County could exceed 30 degrees while those in Yilan and Hualien counties are likely to hit around 28 degrees, bureau forecasts showed.

The hot and sunny weather throughout Taiwan will soon gave way, however, to temperatures as low as 17 degrees in low-lying areas in northern and eastern Taiwan starting on Thursday evening due to the arrival of a new wave of northeasterly winds, the bureau said.

This wave of colder air will be at its strongest on Friday, with significant rainfall expected in Keelung and Yilan.

At the same time, seasonal winds will begin gaining strength and parts of northern Taiwan, the Hengchun Peninsula, and Kinmen, Penghu and Matsu islands should be prepared for gusty winds starting Wednesday night.

Daniel Wu (???), an independent meteorologist and an adjunct professor at National Central Univerity, forecast that another new wave of cold air is expected to approach Taiwan starting on Dec. 4, sending the mercury down to 14-15 degrees in northern Taiwan.

He noted, however, that more time is needed to see how things will develop in the coming days as many variables remain.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel