Wei Fu Department urges local governments to jointly prevent child abuse in child care centers

In response to yesterday (9), the New Taipei City Council revealed that the private child care center in A and other private child care centers had been harassed by children. After verification by the Social Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government, the baby care center was immediately suspended and the quasi-public care services cooperation was terminated. The contract also imposes penalties on the caregiver and the nursery center. At the same time, the perpetrator is not allowed to serve as a child care center and other child care staff and home care personnel for life, and is listed in the caregiver system annotation management. In addition, the Social Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government also assists in the transfer of the children it receives to protect its rights.

The Department of Health and Welfare solemnly declares that no one will be allowed to abuse children. In addition to urging local governments to check and actively implement supervision and management on a regular or irregular basis, and through the National Career Registration Management Information System and the Babysitting Center Management Subsystem It will not be instructed by the caretaker to prevent him from serving as a child welfare agency and providing home care services, and indeed protect children's rights and interests.

Wei Fu said that according to Article 83 of the Child and Juvenile Welfare and Rights Protection Law, there is no child abuse in the baby-care center. Violators are fined NT$60,000 to NT$300,000 according to Article 107, Item 1. Hey, and will improve the deadline, if the period is not improved, you can be punished on time; if the circumstances are serious, and you can stop it for more than 1 month to 1 year, and announce the name. In addition, if the baby care center refuses to comply or fails to complete the period of time and fails to improve, it may abolish its establishment permit in accordance with the provisions of Article 108, Item 2. If the childcare staff has abused the child, they may be fined NT$60,000 to NT$300,000 in accordance with Article 97, and the name or name may be announced. The child care center shall stop the job of the nursery.

The Department of Health and Welfare further explained that the central government has clearly defined the setting standards, personnel qualifications, and on-the-job training, visit counseling and appraisal reference standards for the local government, and continues to supervise the establishment and review of local government counseling and child care centers. Full-time nursery staff qualifications, and arrange on-the-job study, regular or irregular visits to counseling and check and evaluation, and implement counseling management to ensure the stability of the quality of the baby care center. In addition, in respect of the baby-care center that signs the quasi-public care service contract with the government, the competent authority should follow the existing counseling management mechanism, and should handle the publicization of children under the age of two years under the direct municipality, county (city) government. Visiting the service and expense declaration and payment operation points to understand the service provided by the partner, and for the child-rearing center, in addition to the legal ruling, it is required to apply for the contract within 2 years to effectively scare Resist the unscrupulous.

The Department of Health and Welfare once again stated that regardless of whether there is a child care center or home care worker who participates in the public service of the public health care, in addition to applying for participation, the qualification threshold for certain conditions is set, and the quality of service is checked from the source. The local government uses the existing supervision and management mechanism to actively ensure the stability of professional service quality. The Department of Health and Welfare also reiterated and appealed to anyone who knows that when there is little abuse of children, they should immediately notify the competent authority or call the 113 line. If someone finds that they are not informed, they will be punishable according to law after the verification is true, and the community is urged to protect us. Child.

Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare