Widow of Flying Tigers leader dies at 94

Anna Chennault (???), the widow of the late commander of the World War II American Volunteer Group, nicknamed the Flying Tigers, died on March 30 at 94.

Chennault, who married the late U.S. Major General Claire Lee Chennault in 1947 in Shanghai, passed away at her home in Washington due to complications from a stroke she suffered in December 2017.

Claire Chennault arrived in China in May 1937, two months before the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war, and served as an advisor to the Aeronautical Commission of the Republic of China, assisting with the development of the Republic of China's (ROC's) air force.

Although her husband died in 1958, Anna Chennault continued to wield political clout in Washington, becoming active in U.S. diplomatic and military circles and reaching the core of the U.S. business sector.

She also voiced strong support for Chiang Kai-shek (???) when he ruled Taiwan to stand firm against the Chinese communists after they seized power in China in 1949.

In 2015, then President Ma Ying-jeou (???) of the KMT, presented a commemorative medal to Anna Chennault to honor her husband's contribution to the ROC.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel