Wife of missing NGO worker seeks explanation from China

The wife of a missing Taiwanese NGO worker has demanded an explanation from China of her husband's whereabouts. Lee Ming-che went missing after entering Guangdong province via Macau on March 19.

Lee works for a community college and was formerly a staff member of the Democratic Progressive Party. On Friday, Lee's wife Lee Ching-yu said her husband had planned to speak about Taiwan's path to democracy, as he had in previous years. She said she is concerned that Chinese authorities may have detained him because of his involvement in human rights issues.

Mrs Lee called for an explanation from the Chinese authorities and also asked for Taiwan's government to offer assistance.

If he has been arrested because of [his work], we are willing to face it and shoulder the burden in accordance with the standards of civilized countries. The point is, can the Chinese government and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation tell me: Is Lee Ming-che alive or dead? Or where is he now?" said Mrs. Lee.

The Straits Exchange Foundation said it has sent a second letter to its Chinese counterpart, the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, for information about Lee's whereabouts and status.

Source: Radio Taiwan International