Women more likely than men to volunteer for social services: DGBAS

Taipei--There were 244,000 people who volunteered for social welfare services in 2015, and 167,000, or 69 percent of them were women, according an annual publication highlighting the role of women in Taiwan published by Taiwan's statistics bureau.

Some 68,000, or nearly 40 percent of the female volunteers were housewives, while most male volunteers were from the industrial and commercial sectors, according to figures in "Women and Men in R.O.C. (Taiwan) -- Facts and Figures. Version 2017," published in March.

The total number of social welfare volunteers was 2.1 times the number in 2005, the book said, and it described women as the key force in the country's promotion of the public interest.

The Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) publishes the book of facts in March each year to illustrate the achievements of Taiwanese women and men in different fields and the differences between the two genders' development in those fields.

The content is divided into seven areas -- power, decision-making and influence; employment, the economy and welfare; population, marriage and family; education, culture and media; safety and justice; health, medical treatment and care; and the environment, energy sources and technology.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel