Womens rights group warns of sexual predators

A women's rights group has urged the public to be aware of the danger of sexual assault from people in positions of seniority.

Lin Yih-han, a young woman who was an emerging author, recently committed suicide after she disclosed details of being sexually assaulted by her cram school teacher when she was 13. The incident has prompted media attention and public discussion on the issue of sexual assault in Taiwan.

The head of the Modern Women's Foundation, Lin Mei-hsun, said Thursday that is far from uncommon for men in more senior positions to force themselves onto much younger females. She said that such cases made up 17% of the cases her organization handled between 2014 and 2016. She said that in half of these incidents, the victim was at least 16 years younger than the aggressor.

Lin said the Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act at present does not have specific articles that address such cases. She called on people from all walks of life to pay more attention and to help those who are relatively powerless to be able to speak out.

Source: Radio Taiwan International